Just me

I am the proud parent of the two greatest kids in the world, yes I have twins. I am a Chronic Learner, Doer,Passion Evangelist, and Entrepreneur.

Many times when we hear the word entrepreneur a picture of someone who starts and runs their own business comes to mind. I prefer to think that there is an entrepreneur in each of us.

Entrepreneurs are naturally defined by their ability to discover and perform a combination of a variety of entrepreneurial characteristics and values. Those core skills and competencies that make the traditional entrepreneur successful can and will make each of us successful in whatever career or task they are applied to.

Skills such as: the ability to make decisions spot and take advantage of opportunities build and lead teams innovative - see possibilities where others do not (think outside the box) action orientated and a great work ethic (where they always strive to do better and achieve with a high standard of excellence.)

I love creating, designing and giving presentations. Connecting with the audience through storytelling. I'm all about the slides.

I give back to my community as a volunteer with Junior Achievement, The Special Olympics, as a minor soccer coach and as a volunteer firefighter.
Something I still can't find on Google
The love, joy and appreciation shared with my kids
My superpower
My kids give me my superpower, they inspire me each and every day
Family, soccer, mountain biking, music, time spent with good friends (over a great cup of java), camping, photography,creating & designing presentations