Monday, May 3, 2010

No Garden Is Without Its Weeds

Mistakes are inevitable! It has been said, “If you haven’t failed…You haven’t lived”. It is how we approach these failures that are the crux.
 As we travel down the road of life we will encounter numerous times when we simply fail. The word fail is defined in the Urban Dictionary “as the slang form of suck”. Yes, we all suck from time to time; sometimes our failures will be EPIC in magnitude, other FAILS will be of little importance. The only certainty is that they cannot be avoided.
It is our reaction to, an acknowledgment of these failures, which defines our paths. The ability to cash in on the experience is the key. Failures need not be fatal. As Zig Ziglar said “failure is a detour, not a dead-end street”.  The Ability to learn, to grow and to discovery from these disappointments is a skill and many times success often lays just the other side of a failure.
I experienced one of these EPIC FAILS this past week. “I was fuming with anger, how could I have been so stupid?” An opportunity had been missed, I totally lost track (of the date) and missed the boat. I worked extremely hard to complete the required documents only to miss an important deadline. After the initial shock, I began to ask questions pointedly. I had no one to blame, I had to except ownership of the FAIL.
Reflecting back on this experience  I had to remember that no garden is without its weeds. The work required to complete these  documents had forced me out of my comfort zone, to learn the valuable skills necessary, skills that will be transferable to my next project.

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